Martha Larsen Signs Never Again

NeverAgain_FCoverauthor photoMartha Petronella van der Wal Larsen signs Never Again this Saturday, December 13th at the 4th Annual Santa Claus and Tree Festival in Joseph City, Arizona.  Never Again is an inspirational collection of shorts stories about Martha’s true experiences as a young girl during World War II in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Margaret: What is your main reason for writing Never Again?

Martha: To make people aware of some of the atrocities that took place during WWII. I have noticed as a substitute teacher that recently the history books play down or don’t even mention the Holocaust. There are people out there that say it never happened. That is not true. We should never forget, never allow such madness to happen ever again.

Margaret: Is there a story that didn’t get included you would like to share now?

Martha: One Dark Scary Night a bunch of the neighborhood kids got together and went to the harbor after dark. [Read more…]