A National Second Grade Project by Conrad J. Storad

gatorgator_cover_lGator, Gator, Second Grader is the newest project by multi-award-winning author and editor of more than 50 science and nature books for children,  Conrad J. Storad.

When second graders Benny and Jacob bring a baby alligator to school in a cardboard box, their teacher, Mrs. Nichols, has an important message to share. “A baby gator is NOT a good classroom pet!” An impromptu “pet safari” unfolds as Mrs. Nichols helps her students identify which creatures are suitable for school and which animals are better housed elsewhere! This engaging story is narrated by a beloved classroom pet gerbil, nicknamed “Snoozer.” The narrative is cleverly illustrated by Alex Lopez.

As students compare and contrast a wide variety of animals, they quickly learn to recognize which creatures make good pets and which creatures do best in the zoo or in their natural habitats. The book’s accompanying curriculum guide expertly introduces students to gerbils like Snoozer and provides an in-depth look at American alligators. With language and pictures masterfully crafted for early elementary readers, Gator, Gator, Second Grader provides parents and educators with a trusted resource to help students learn more about nature. As Benny and Jacob soon come to realize, “Some animals are safe, fun pets, but alligators belong in the wild!”

Five Star Publications, the publisher for Conrad J. Storad’s books in Arizona, has created a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to support and nationally promote the book. The goal is to get a copy of the book into EVERY second grade classroom in North America. You may obtain more information and can help turn their goal into reality by contributing to the Gator Gator, Second Grader  Kickstarter Campaign.