May is National Brain Tumor Month

factsaboutbtinusThis year, nearly 70,000 new, primary brain tumor diagnoses will be made in the U.S. alone. My daughter is one of this number. Your support of the National Brain Tumor Society will drive cutting edge research and bring us closer to a cure.

At the American Association for Cancer Research’s (AACR) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.  on April 6 through 10, 2013, Dr. Markus D. Siegelin, M.D. was named the 2013 recipient of the AACR-National Brain Tumor Society Career Development Award for Translational Brain Tumor Research.

Blog readers can contribute to toward finding the cure by:

Donating to the National Brain Tumor Society,

or participating in various NBTS fundraising events:

One can also volunteer with NBTS and or become an advocate.

By clicking the links below, you can visit NBTS financial and insurance information, view their expansive link library of brain tumor resources, find information about joining an online support community.

A brain tumor diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. Connecting to others is an important way to find information, support, and hope. This section on brain tumor support groups includes information to help you and/or your loved one find the support you need to stay strong.

White Lions Foundation & Writers Unite to Fight Cancer team with AACR

AACRLogoCancer is a worldwide health concern affecting people of all ages, races and ethnicities. High quality, innovative, collaborative research has been, and continues to be, the path to finding new and alternative ways to prevent and cure cancer. As a global scientific partner and facilitator of cancer research initiatives, the American Association for Cancer Research works side-by-side with scientists, patients and families as they face cancer’s challenges. Tremendous strides have been made in the prevention, treatment and cure of many types of cancers, but much more work needs to be done. We are especially grateful to  Writers Unite to Fight Cancer for partnering with us to raise the much needed funds that will lead to a cure. Thank You!

Jessica A. Cestone   Associate Director, Development  American Association for Cancer Research

The opportunity to touch the life of another person in a way that makes us both better is given to me every time I meet someone with cancer. This weekend I had three people ask for help in their battle with cancer, an illness that remains beyond our current means of medical help. I see White Lions Foundation as a way to reach past the tips of my own fingers and join hands with the world to lift us out of the fearful tragedy taking the lives of cancer victims every day. Together we can embrace the positive elements of the earth and heal one another. I have lost count of the number of lives I have watched be taken by cancer and I hope one day the need to count these loses is stopped altogether. We must rid the face of the planet of this devastating illness.  The Goodfellow Publishing book and fund raising celebration is a great opportunity to share my love of writing with an event that highlights my passion to stop cancer.

Lisa Finder author of Black Sand White Lions Foundation Founder Foundation Founder.

As a nurse with thirty four years experience I have always wanted to help find a cure for cancer. Now that I am a full-time writer I finally feel that I am working to achieve that goal with Writers Unite to Fight Cancer. I am honored to be associated with these kind and generous women who are also wonderful authors. We extend an invitation to writers throughout the world to join our cause by donating a portion from the proceeds of your sales on your works during the first week of November on-line at . Together we can make a difference.

Margaret Turley, author of Save the Child, co-founder of Writers Unite to Fight Cancer.

Book Launch with silent auction to raise money for the AACR 11/4/10 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM at the Wright House on 636 W. University Dr. in Mesa, AZ. 85201. Hope to see you there.