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ABTAlogoForty years ago, a national organization committed to funding brain tumor research and improving brain tumor care was a bold notion. Back then, there was little promise or hope for those diagnosed with a brain tumor. Today, thanks to the generosity of a generation of supporters like you, we are seeing real progress and experiencing real hope in our efforts to advance the understanding and treatment of brain tumors. Your gift today will allow us to continue this momentum.

The American Brain Tumor Association’s long-standing commitment to young investigators is credited with having populated today’s brain tumor medical and scientific community. For a researcher, having an ABTA grant is a valued credential—it says that this individual has been identified as an innovative thinker with the potential of bringing real progress and real hope to the field. Many of the more than 600 scientists who have received ABTA research funding are now leading the nation’s most prestigious brain tumor centers. Several serve on our Scientific Advisory Council. Others are helping us to mentor a new generation of researchers.

With investors in medical research funding becoming increasingly risk averse, the ABTA is also playing a valuable role in de-risking novel research concepts. Through our Discovery Grants, funding is available for new ideas thought to hold the potential for dramatically changing the way brain tumors are diagnosed and treated.  Recently, ABTA-funded discovery research has realized real progress by yielding two new brain tumor drugs—drugs that work very differently than any existing therapies for malignant brain tumors. And while it will be several years before they are available for human testing, these developments hold real hope for new approaches to brain tumor treatment.

Advances in technology and human genetics have led to an increasing interest in brain tumor survivorship. In addition to providing more comprehensive survivorship information and supportive services, the ABTA has funded and continues to explore research opportunities which are leading to real progress in our understanding of the long-term effects of brain tumor treatments on one’s quality of life. We are also collaborating with a number of brain tumor funders on a research effort to better understand the characteristics of long-term survivorship among patients with glioblastoma, and why it is possible for some but not others. The findings from this study could hold real hope for new directions in brain tumor treatments.

Because of you, the ABTA is fostering real progress in brain tumor research and care. As the first and now only national organization providing brain tumor research funding as well as support and education programs for all tumor types and all age groups, we are bringing real hope for brain tumor breakthroughs.

Together, we will improve, extend and, ultimately, save more lives. Thank you for your support.

Elizabeth M. Wilson

Elizabeth M. Wilson President & CEO American Brain Tumor Association



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