Ora Smith

authorphotoOra Smith is hoping to come out with her debut historical novel, Choices in 2015. She was a finalist in the 2012 fiction category for Courage to Thrive.

A mother, genealogist, artist, seamstress, lover of a good book, traveler and history buff, Ora’s one of those people who always has a project she’s excited about. Having an interest in many things, most of them have one thing in common; the need to be creative. She believes creativity to be at the center of a healthy soul.

Although she has lived in Arizona since 1986, she spent her early life in Lake Tahoe, California where her desires to write blossomed on a tranquil riverbank with a beautiful backdrop of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

She raised four sons and one daughter and loved being able to stay home to raise them. She considers it one of her greatest blessings. She couldn’t have done it without a husband who had the same priorities. It also gave her the opportunity to spend time with her research and writing. Three of her sons are married and she has one wonderfully cute grandson.