James A. Owen Introduces his Meditations Trilogy

The first book in the Meditations trilogy, Drawing Out the Dragons: A Meditation on Art, Destiny, and the Power of Choice, was originally not a book but an oral presentation, developed very organically through the necessarily improvisational process of being an author who was occasionally expected to stand in front of an audience and say interesting things. I shared the stories I thought my audiences—primarily educators and middle school students—would be most receptive to, and those just happened to also be some of the stories I felt to be the most meaningful and the most worth sharing.

The second book, The Barbizon Diaries: A Meditation on Will, Purpose, and the Value of Stories, was written with the first in mind, but with larger goals. Among other things, I wanted to expand on the themes of the first book while sharing the stories of my life that have been most difficult for me to process. I took some of the hardest, most personal parts of my life and articulated them as clearly and simply as I could. The result was a book that reached more deeply into people’s hearts, because in it I provided an example of someone—myself—who had endured difficult circumstances and emerged stronger for having done so. That was a message many people needed, and I was happy that it was so meaningful and helpful to them.

The third book in the series, The Grand Design: A Meditation on Creativity, Ambition, and Building A Personal Mythology is the only one written to deliberately teach a specific, vital message, which is this: It is possible to choose to live an extraordinary life.

These books are both a personal history and a tour through twenty-plus years of pop culture. Some of the interleaved stories were based on historical literary and artistic figures who mingled with—and in some cases, actually were—real-life relatives of my mother’s family. But mostly, these books are about art, and stories, and family, and the threads that connect us all, on levels both seen and unseen. It’s about how people use the search for great ideas to add meaning to their lives.

I started with a beginner’s guide to making choices that matter, I continued with an advanced course in surviving the refiner’s fire, and with The Grand Design, I give you a master class on living an extraordinary life.

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