WUFC Announces New In-House Publishing

Words&Works-LogoWriters Unite to Fight Cancer has a new in-house publisher: Words and Works, a partnership between WUFC administrator Margaret L. Turley and WUFC author Kerry Blair. Words and Works will be publishing all future WUFC projects including the Cauldron of Love: Writers Unite to Fight Cancer Cookbook scheduled for release Winter 2015. Their first published book, Never Again by Martha Petronella van der Wal Larsen will be released later this week. NeverAgain_FCoverNever Again is a collection of short stories which are true experiences of a young girl in war-torn Holland. Martha Petronella van der Wal Larsen was born May 8th, 1933 the daughter of Jan van der Wal and Susanna Sophia Maria van der Wal Merks. She had just turned seven years old when the Second World War started. WWII ended shortly after her twelfth birthday.

Eden Literary Author-Publisher Services

Eden Literary was founded in 2011 by Deirdra Eden. She started the company designing book covers and illustrations. Since the beginning, her goal has been to provide affordable and quality literary services to authors.

Today, Eden Literary has expanded to serve both authors and publishers nationwide. As the literary industry has changed, new team members have join Eden Literary to offer a wider variety of services for all kinds of authors and publishers.

eden literary

Deirdra Eden and her husband Nathan Boyd sponsored and organized Kick-a-thon / WUFC fundraiser featuring several local authors held in Provo in August 2012. Deirdra also provided the cover art for The Drive to Thrive Anthology.