Bridgette Crosby

Bridgett CrosbyBridgette Crosby is an award winning artist and writer, national award winning poet and an avid gardener. She enjoys finding new ways to cook and prepare the fresh vegetables and fruits she grows in her garden and believes that the healthier we eat, the more peaceful and happier we will be. Bridgette lives in San Tan Valley, Arizona with her husband and two teenagers. She is also the proud mother of two Army soldiers, one currently serving in Afghanistan and one in Germany.

Bridgette encourages others to take a little time every day to do something that they love to do, even if it’s just sitting and relaxing, gardening, writing in a journal or cooking your favorite meal. Eating fresh is important too and she encourages everyone to eat local as much as possible, local farms can be found at

Bridgette lost her mother to cancer and believes that someday soon a cure will be found. Until then, she encourages you to live with love for life and be kind to yourself and others.


With Love for Life
By Bridgette Crosby

Time flies by so quickly
Blink and soon it’s gone
Where do all the minutes go?
Why doesn’t it last that long?

I see many people who regret
The time they have lost,
They sit and pine away more time
Thinking of what their choices have cost

I remember my dear mother
Her cancer taking its toll
Who told me not to worry
That soon she would be home

For years I missed her dearly
The hurt, I stuffed away
Not noticing all the time I spent
Keeping the sad thoughts at bay

Then finally one morning
In the garden I heard
The sound of the loveliest little bird
I ran outside to quickly see
To find out what  it could it be

In my rush and hurry,
I scared the bird away.
Walking through the garden aisles
I heard mother say

“Time waits for no man,
Time will not wait for you,
Sit amongst the flowers,
Let my love surround you,
Mix peace with love for life,
until you too shall walk this way
Don’t be scared, don’t cry for me,
For I am here, everyday”

So, I stopped and listened.
I took my time that day.
I listen to the little birds
that sing with all their might,
I no longer rush out
And scare them away in fright,
Now I smell the flowers
and make time in my busy day,

To find some peace,
to reflect, with love for life,
Where regrets have no place
And choices don’t feel so expensive

I simply sit in my garden
Bake something lovely in my kitchen
Write a page in my journal
Take a nap in the sunshine,
Smile with my family and relax…

For I know, as I wait, if I mix peace
With my love for life,
All be well, I shall want for naught,
I’ll just relax, feel her presence and
And let peace be the love of my life