Dorothy Foundation

DorothyLogoThe Dorothy Foundation a 501(c) 3 was founded to re-inspire and achieve momentum in the fight against cancer.  Our perspective is that after 35 years, we are not getting there fast enough.  Our goal is to provide the most up to date information regarding cancer treatments and research, to inform those affected by cancer, and to support the most promising, innovative research in the field.

Sandy LaCava is the Founder and Executive Director of The Dorothy Foundation which is named in honor of her mother.

The Dorothy Foundation supports an innovative three point approach in the fight against cancer.

  • Chemoprevention: Focus efforts directly contributing to projects that explore the use of compounds to interfere with the disease process to inhibit, delay or reverse¬†carcinogenesis(cancer).
  • Research: Donations directly support promising cancer research as reviewed by our scientific advisory board.
  • Information: Provide various educative venues to patients, families and professionals on cancer treatments and research.