Join Us!

Awards Ceremony 10.24.13

photo by Candy at Easel Photography
Vanessa Joy, Lisa Finder, Margaret Turley, Ethel Lee Miller

Authors, editors, illustrators, bloggers and other publishing experts who would like to join our efforts should submit their full press kit.

Bio: Biography word count is not limited. Include publishing credits and links to your websites, blogs and other social network connections. If you have personal, family or other experience with cancer that you are willing to share please add this to your bio.

Blurbs: Please send your book blurbs that you would like to appear on the Writers Unite to Fight Cancer website.  Include where your books can be purchased.

Photo: Send a high resolution >300 dpi jpg photograph of yourself.  Professional head shots work best. If you prefer to display a book cover or business logo instead of a photograph, please send those graphics. Only one picture will be displayed per Writers Unite to Fight Cancer page.

Volunteer: Writers Unite to Fight Cancer holds an annual writing contest and publishes an anthology that the winning submissions as well as guest stories and articles. Indicate your expertise and willingness to support our efforts for one or more of the following:

1.) Judge writing contest entries.                                                                      ___________________________ genre/s

2.) Edit and work with contestants to develop/revise submissions for publication in the annual anthology.                                                                                   ____________________________ genre/s

3.) Copy edits of the anthology manuscript before and after formatting.

4.) Book design and layout / formatting

5.) Cover art for anthology / artwork for other WUFC events / projects.

6.) Blog about WUFC events and authors on your own website/blog.

7.) Submit blog articles about cancer for WUFC blog.

8.) Promote Writers Unite to Fight Cancer events to your fans  with Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Pinterest or other social networks.

9.) Assist with WUFC newsletter.

10.) Other: tell us what you would like to contribute to our fight against cancer.

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