Pamela R. Goodfellow

Pam7_11_10LgWebSizePamela R. Goodfellow is the co-founder of Writers Unite to Fight Cancer (WUFC). She has served as a judge for the WUFC Writing Contest. Essays by Goodfellow are included in the Courage to Thrive and The Drive to Thrive Anthologies.

Pamela R. Goodfellow PhD has a doctorate in Educational Psychology and History of English Language , a Masters Degrees in Adult/Continuing Education and Business Administration, an MFA in Creative Fiction and holds a B.A. in English. In the last twenty years, she has written twelve books, edited more than 500 titles, been a publisher, a bookseller, an educator, a lecturer, and a literary agent. Pamela designed, implemented and taught the celebrated Crafting the Character-based Novel program for twelve years at the University of Washington where she received the 1999-2000 Education Award for Teaching Excellence in Arts, Writing and Humanities.