Marina Martindale

Marina Martindale Photo 4 Web (1)Marina Martindale is a graphic designer and artist turned novelist and writer whose only regret in life is that she didn’t start writing books twenty years ago.
After writing a series of award-winning children’s books, (under a different name), she decided it was time to start writing the kind of books she wanted to write–contemporary romantic novels, with complex story lines and believable, three-dimensional characters. Novels inspired by some of my own life experiences, and  the stories others have told me.

Marina joined WUFC in January of 2012 in honor of her close friend who is a cancer victim suffering from Sarcoma. Said friend has also survived Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer. Martindale launched her debut novel The Reunion – a Tale of Love, Forgiveness and Redemption at the WUFC Arizona Centennial Cancer Research Fundraiser on Thursday evening 2/2/12.

The Reunion – a Tale of Love, Forgiveness and Redemption

Gillian Matthews is becoming famous in the art world. All her hard work has finally paid off and her paintings are being sold in several prestigious art galleries. Yet in spite of her success and accomplishments, one thing has always eluded her—true love. Then one night, during her opening at a Denver art gallery, a man from her past suddenly and unexpectedly appears. Her long lost true love. The one man she never forgot, never got over, and never expected to see again.

In Martindales’s book, Gillian’s seemingly perfect debut at a Denver art gallery takes an unexpected turn when Ian Palmer, a man from her past, suddenly appears. As a startled Gillian struggles to regain her composure her mind fills with images and emotions from long ago. Has her old flame come to wish her well? Or are his intentions less than pure?

Readers are right there with Gillian and Ian as they begin anew and have a second chance for happiness. Their journey, however, is soon thwarted when Gillian is hunted down by her former husband, wanted for the murder of his current wife, while someone close to Ian also finds himself irresistibly drawn to Gillian’s beauty and charm, creating a rivalry that could destroy Ian’s family.

The Deception

A string of misfortunes has left photographer Carrie Daniels penniless and desperate. When her former mentor, Louise Dickenson, steps forward to offer her a job as an art model for a private commission, Carrie has no choice but to accept. Things seem to be looking up when she meets Scott Andrews, however her friends soon realize that Scott isn’t who he appears to be, and Carrie’s luck goes from bad to worse when Louise’s photos of her fall into the wrong hands. Can Alex Montoya, a long-lost friend from her past, save her from ruin?

The Journey

Newlyweds Cassie and Jeremy Palmer seem to living perfect lives, until a car crash leaves Cassie hospitalized and fighting for her life. Jeremy’s own frightening journey begins when he meets Denise, one of Cassie’s nurses. Denise seems familiar, but while he may no longer remember her, she has neither forgiven nor forgotten how he jilted her, years before. Denise seeks revenge and Jeremy soon vanishes under mysterious circumstances, leaving his grieving wife behind. As Cassie struggles to recover her life will take another strange turn, when an unexpected visitor reveals that things are not as they appear.