Louise Laughlin

Louise-against-cancer-220x300Louise Laughlin’s first book, I Must Be Dreaming is a memoir about the love, laughter and triumphs she shared with her husband. Her first children’s book, Libby’s Vacation, won a 2011 Arizona Book Publishers Association Glyph Award. The story is told from the dog’s point of view and her second children’s book, Santa Goes Shopping, is a story about her husband’s alter ego.

A post war baby boomer, Louise grew up in the fifties and the other side of the sixties, far away from Woodstock and the flower children in San Francisco. She fell in love, married her soul mate and had two children. She attended Mesa Community College and Arizona State University, but graduated from Central Michigan University, while on the road for her career in the airline industry.

 Together with her husband, Larry, she built a quality of life despite the years of periodic absence when she commuted cross country from her job to their home. The partnership in their forty-one years of marriage and still counting has had been challenged; especially by her husband’s trials and illnesses, but her positive outlook on life and faith in God has brought courage to its success.

I Must Be Dreaming excerpt:

“Two days before Thanksgiving, 2002, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when the phone rang. I saw on the caller ID that it was the doctor. My heart rate began to increase. I had butterflies in my stomach. It had been four days since Larry’s endoscopy and biopsy. I picked up the remote handset and leaned on the kitchen table for support. I grabbed a chair with my other hand and sat down.

This isn’t  good news or you wouldn’t be calling so soon.….

I’m afraid I do have bad news. The polyp was malignant. Larry needs to have his esophagus removed before Christmas.”

After two careers; one in the airline industry and one in the complex telecommunications field, Louise has focused her spare time in retirement pursuing her life-long love of writing. Her forty-two years of marriage to her husband, Larry, have provided endless inspiration.

Louise has two sons; both of whom are married, three grandchildren, three grand-dogs and two grand-cats. She attended Mesa Community College and Arizona State University, but graduated from Central Michigan University, while on the road for her career in the airline industry.

Cancer has a characteristic that we teach our children. Share. Unfortunately, its sharing causes heartache, financial strain and often death. In a period of less than ten years, I lost my sister to colon cancer, prayed for the recovery of two of my sisters-in-law to survive breast cancer and nearly lost my husband to esophageal cancer.  In the past two months, I learned my niece has thyroid cancer and a close friend of our family has cancer. Enough sharing already!

I don’t know anyone who has not been touched by cancer in some way; family or friends. My husband’s survival experience prompted me to write a Memoir; I MUST BE DREAMING. While it was therapeutic and hopefully those readers who experience symptoms of GERD will pay attention, it’s not a cure.

Louise lost her sister and sister-in-law to cancer as well as other close friends and relatives. She and her husband Larry have walked in the American Cancer Society Celebrating More Birthdays walk-a-thon.

Louise Laughlin is one of the original eight members of Writers Unite to Fight Cancer.

I Must Be Dreaming
This is a memoir about life, love, laughter, family, adventure and survivial. It will make you laugh, cry and shout hooray.

I Must Be Dreaming takes you through the triumphant journey of an Irish Catholic boy, who over came obstacles of mistrust and abuse. When he was a young man, he was drafted and sent to Viet Nam where he returned a decorated soldier. In his fifties, he won a courageous battle with esophageal cancer. Through all of the adversity, he maintained his sense of humor, which resulted in a story from every adventure. Perhaps his biggest feat is the forty-one years of marriage to the same woman, who has loved him so much, she wrote this book about him.

Libby’s Vacation
Read about all the fun Libby, a yellow lab, had while her people were on vacation. Libby’s Vacation will delight your child.
Santa Goes Shopping
Ever wonder where Santa gets ideas for toys? Your child will be delighted with this wonderfully illustrated book about Santa and Mrs. Claus.