Jennifer Griffith

jennifergriffithauthorpicJennifer Griffith grew up in Idaho and learned to speak Japanese while she lived in Japan for a year and a half during college. She earned a degree in writing, worked for the U.S. Congress, and has published four novels. She and her husband have five children and live in Arizona.

In the last year, Jennifer’s sister-in-law Jill, just 31 years old and a newlywed, was feeling unwell and went to her doctor to figure out what was wrong. At the nine-month anniversary of their wedding, Jill and her husband did not get the honeymoon baby they dreamed of; instead, they received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. A large tumor on Jill’s right ovary was removed, along with the ovary, and later her left was removed as well. She underwent weeks of chemotherapy.

Jennifer and the other members of the Griffith family watched as Jill courageously faced the medicines and treatments with strength and energy, spending her time between treatments piecing a quilt, making pottery, planting a huge vegetable garden, and playing the violin. She is truly an amazing woman and an inspiration.

The battle is still being fought, however, and daily prayers for Jill’s ability to stay ahead of the disease continue, as well as hopes that she and her husband will somehow be able to become parents as they’ve always wanted to be. They don’t intend to let cancer rob them of their dream.

Jennifer Griffith’s latest novel is Big in Japan. Buck Cooper is Texan, obese, and invisible to his colleagues. And to the voluptuous Allison Turner, the girl of his dreams, he is way below par. Buck’s entire life is about fitting in, a feat he’s been struggling to achieve but has never succeeded. Until serendipity lands him in Japan. Right in the middle of a sumo match.

As his life takes a new turn in a country where being big can mean fame and fortune, Buck must embark on the most dangerous, yet adventurous ride of his life—to find the ultimate meaning of love and acceptance. Even if it means risking his life and giving up everything he has.

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