Betsy Love

BetsyLovePhotoBetsy Love is the author of Identity Soulfire and The Penny Project and winner of the 2011 NANOWRIMO.

Betsy says: “Writing has been a passion since I was a little girl. I first discovered the art of pen to paper watching my mother make out her grocery list. It did not take long for me to discover that those indecipherable squiggles meant words, and words have power. What joy I experienced as a first grader learning to write my name. Now the stories dancing in my head would find a home on paper. I hope you will follow me in my journey to share what I have written.”

“Who hasn’t been touched by cancer? So much of what we eat and breath has the potential for causing this horrific disease. Two years ago my grandson was diagnosed with leukemia. It has been a heartbreaking thing to be part of. We are so blessed that his outcome looks so positive. My best friend’s son had neuroblastoma when he was eight. His chances of survival were so slim, but his mother NEVER gave up hope and today he is an amazing young man who faithfully served a mission. He and his family are truly blessed. I have another friend who is the longest survivor of pancreatic cancer–ten plus years. And you know the prognosis of that is devastating. Just last March we had a teacher where I work who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was gone by June.”

The Penny Project Blurb:

As the prospective valedictorian, wide receiver and favored tenor in show choir, Jake knows he’s at the top of his game. He sets his sights on Lexi, the sweetest and hottest girl at Palmdale High and can’t miss. 
However, racing to class one morning, he plows into Penelope, the overweight new girl. Books and papers fly everywhere. He helps her with her things, even holds her hand so she can stand up. 
Someone snaps a picture and sends the text all over school. Egged on by his friends and desperate to squash any rumors before Lexi gets back from Mexico, he pulls a juvenile prank. NOT his brightest idea. As punishment he must tutor Penelope three days a week. Her grade is now his grade. He sees his chance at a full ride scholarship disappearing faster than a missed field goal. And to make matters worse, Lexi sides with Penelope. 

Soulfire Book Description:

Will God hear Zephenia’s prayers?

It is 148 bc, and the city of Nephi is ruled by the wicked King Noah and his corrupt priests. Zephenia’s father has turned to his drink after the death of her mother, and her younger sister Sari dreams of living in the king’s palace. When the family’s hut is destroyed and the sisters are unjustly imprisoned, Zephenia wonders if God has forgotten her. If they survive their tribulations, whom will her father choose as her husband? The only unmarried believer she knows is Gideon, and he is smitten with Sari.

Zephenia’s thoughts keep drifting to Alma, the handsome high priest she met while gathering herbs in the jungle. She senses a goodness about him, yet because he is a priest in Noah’s court, she knows he couldn’t possibly be a righteous man. But when the prophet Abinadi is martyred and Zephenia must decide between her faith and her family, she learns of a mighty change that has happened in Alma’s heart.

Review of Identity by Rachel Andersen:

Identity is an action filled mystery with romantic suspense. It grabbed my interest from the front cover through the very last word. I loved the crisp characterization of the all players. I also liked that even though this is an LDS novel it wasn’t preachy. Betsy Love wrote with such skill I was guessing all the way through the narrative and pleasantly surprised with the directions in the twists and turns of the plot. I felt as if I was part of Savannah’s family by the time I was finished and yet rooted for Amelia also.