Alexandra Kinias

AlexandraK_ColorheadshotAlexandra Kinias is the  author of Black Tulips – released 2/2012. Alexandra is also co-author of the controversial movie Cairo Exit, banned from screening in Egypt, yet it was screened in Dubai, Munich, and Tribeca Film Festival and won Best Non-European Film in the European Independent Film Festival in 2011. Her screenplay ‘Leila’s World’ was short listed in Rawi Screenwriter’s Lab in 2010. Alexandra is also the author of the fiction novel Black Tulips. It reflects her experience as a woman growing up in Egypt.  It is told through the eyes of four Egyptian women sharing the same hardships of living in a male dominant society. Black Tulips is in the publishing process. Alexandra writes for Kalimat Magazine and her blog Silenced Voices….Wasted Lives is dedicated to empowerment of women in general, and women in Egypt in particular.
Alexandra is also an avid photographer. She currently lives between The United States and Egypt and is working on her second book Cleopatra’s Sisters. When in the US she resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.